• LocationSalzburg, Austria
  • Completion2003
  • ClientRed Bull
  • ArchitectVolkmar Burgstaller
Red Bull Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria is a multifunctional building that has become a modern symbol of the city. Architecturally, it is an incredible juxtaposition of historic aircraft in a futuristic steel and glass structure, complete with a suspended three-sixty fine dining restaurant. Part of the attraction of Hangar-7 is its impressive architecture. From the outside, it has the appearance of a wing - designed to echo the aerodynamic shapes of the wings and aircraft inside. From the inside, however, it looks like a celestial vault opened above the historic aircraft which it houses. The structure consists of curved steel pipes which describe an oblique ellipsoid and are supported on a central structure. This central structure is a circular 50-tonne steel cage beneath the ceiling of the building which joins the façade’s individual joists. This steel and glass structure designed and built by Waagner Biro Steel and Glass is over 100m long, 67m wide and reaches a height of 15m. It is constructed from 7,000m² of glass panels weighing about 380 tonnes and its steel structure weighs over 1,200 tonnes.